Kathetostoma giganteum
Monkfish, or Stargazer, is a bottom species caught year round. Reaching 90cm but more common around 30-50cm, this species is mottly green/brown in colour. With a moist, white and dense flesh, Monkfish is suitable for many different cooking methods.

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Pagrus auratus
The Snapper is NZ’s favourite table fish. Popular for its tasty, firm flesh and beautiful red colour, the Snapper is found to depths of 150m. Our Westcoast is at the southern limits of the species range and it will grow to 14kg, but is more common around the 2-5kg size. Snapper can be found over reefs, sand, the mid-water or in shallows.

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Nemadactylus macropterus
Tarakihi is a schooling species, with brilliant silver flanks and a dark band behind the head. Growing to 3kg, Tarakihi are found in a range of depths and bottom types. A versitile favourite, Tarakihi is firm, moist and tasty to cook with.

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Seriolella brama
Blue Warehou is a schooling fish, with a stout body, blue shoulders and silver underbelly. Growing to 7kg and available year round, Warehou are found down to 400m. A medium-firm flesh, that responds well to moist cooking methods. Warehou makes a tasty option for many different dishes.

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NZ Flounder

Rhombosolea plebeia Endemic to New Zealand, Sand Flounder are a member of the distinctive flatfish family. Found on the sand and growing to 1.0kg, Flounder are a year-round favorite. Delicate, tasty pearl-like flesh is suited to many cooking styles.

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