Hyperoglyphe Antarctica
Bluenose is a member of the Warehou family, distinguished by its large eyes, deep stocky body and blunt snout.
Growing to 20kg, bluenose school between the bottom and mid water at depths to 400m.
Bluenose is an exceedingly tasty fish, with moist firm white flakes.

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Sea Perch

Helicolenus percoides
Sea Perch, are a smaller, spiny species abundant around the southern coast in a range of depths to 1200m. Common over foul ground and reaches sizes of 4kg. Sea Perch has a tasty, firm pearly white flesh that suits most common cooking methods.

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Polyprion oxygeneios
Groper or Hapuku, are found in rocky reef areas to 250 meters.
Groper grow to 85kg and are similar in appearance to Bass, a close cousin.
A beautiful, tasty white flesh, with larger flakes. Suited to all cooking methods and is considered a premium species.

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